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WOW! Seems like just yesterday to me that we found out you were having another bean!

Get the rest, your big day is coming!


I know your feeling pretty tired, ect. But MAN AM I EXCITED to see the little guy! Can't wait. Keep getting some rest. Love ya!


I'm taking deep breaths for you from far, far, far way :) reeeeelaxe and get some rest. Love, kc

Mrs. Flinger

I'm more than happy to take lil' Jenna for a walk with my pooper so you can rest. Anyday. You let me know.

(Does tomorrow work for you?) :-)

and rudeness

WOW... 11 days. What an exciting time. (I can say that NOW that my little one is 2)

All that anticipation. I see that you have been gone for a couple days... can't wait to hear that everything went well and there is a healthy Mr.!

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