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My hips also did that, around this time. but could it also be the bed? I dont think so,because isn't it new? Aww, good ole pregnancy woes! As for excersize, I think you will be just fine. Besides the fact that you "already know" in a way what to expect. I mean, they are all diffrent, but you have the basics now. Daddy shouldn't worry and I think you will be fine too. :-) Hurry, i want to see him :-) LOL Di

Mrs. Flinger

You underestimate how much you do with JB. Running after her is enough. Trust me. You're ALWAYS moving instead of swimming 30 minutes a day.


When I was pregnant with Jacob, my hips expanded SIX FREAKING INCHES. They were so achy, just like what you describe.

I still haven't gotten back into a workout routine, and Jacob is 6 months old. He is now getting to the point, though, where he is much more independent, and only now do I feel comfortable leaving him for short periods with a babysitter or with Dada, knowing that he probably won't freak out too much.

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