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You know, I don't have a real answer because I had back labor and Beaux was induced. However, with Bella, I just KNEW and by damn I was staying home and eating dinner, so I did. The best way to describe it was the pain was increasing and more constant. When I went in they said, oh you are not in labor!! No contractions! To which my water broke all over their shoes. ha!

Grandma "D"

These contractions that you are experiencing now are your uterus getting itself ready for the birthing process. I had those like crazy with Jon & Jenny. It was like a woody hardness when I had them. My OB said not to worry. It's normal. Hang in there little Mama!


Woody Hardness? That is a funny term Spark. That is up there with "shooting your wad." I think they call it Brax and hicks now. I know I am experiencing the B&H now, I had them a little bit with Ms. JB too.

Grandma "D"

What can I say? My purpose in life, now a days, is to give people a little chuckle! Just to let you know, "Lo lo" & I went to Costco yesterday and "shot our wad". Have a great day!


the tightening sounds like braxton hicks to me. They could be caused by the movement. I start having braxton hicks earlier with each, and they started about 14ish weeks with this little guy..They dont tend to go away and I have them all the time..I just have to watch and see how many I have in an hour and if I am hydrated yadda yadda. all that PTL stuff. With E, I just realized that everything I was trying to do wasnt stopping or slowing them down. So I knew it was time to go in. I will be interested to hear what your dr says :)


I'd agree with Bree, and all. You will know when the real ones hit. they will be similar to the ones you described after your water broke, but not as hard. They'll just feel diff, than the Braxton Hicks feeling. More squeezing, ect. But, Mine were never regular, ever with either child. However, I could tell the diff. between real ones, and BH. ones. I also, quit having as much baby movement as well. The classic, you feel really tired, I couldn't pee, nothing......... I had her the next day. You'll get the signs. You'll know :-) Rest up mama! :-)


Ps.......he's geting ready to come see you!! Yeah! I know the tightening isn't comfy, but all is getting ready down there. I'd not be suprised if your dialating! :-) Keep us posted!

Mrs. Flinger

I had a ton of braxton hicks for months. The whole "drink water and lay on your left side" is a good thing to try. And count. More than six an hour, call.

And holy crap! It's getting close. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. Muwha. (keep the baby in for a few more days!)

Oma Flinger

Braxton hicks is one of those strong indictors your getting closer to the end so yep, I would say at this point you no longer need to pee on a stick.

LOL, some Flinger humor there.


My labor with Jacob started verrrrrrrrrry slowly. I, like you, really had no clue what to expect because I was induced with Isaac when I told them I thought my water had broken (it hadn't). Contrax with Jake started at about noon Saturday morning, not painful at all, but noticeable, regular, and pretty far apart (15-20 min). They slooooooowly got closer and closer, till they were 4-10 min apart when we went to the hospital. As they got closer overnight, they definitely got more intense, but I could sleep through most of them. When I woke up in the morning at 6, I could still move around and I even fixed Isaac breakfast, but that was a little tough. I found I could do some I-flunked-out-of-lamaze-so-stop-staring-style breathing through them to make it work. We got to the hospital at about 7:30, at which time I had been contracting for about 19 hours.

The stupid nurse I had at admitting said she doubted they would be able to admit me, since I didn't "act" like I was in labor. Turns out, you hose beast, that I was 7 cm dilated. So my contractions were actually pretty manageable. My water never broke. They actually broke it for me right before I started pushing.

I hope for you a similarly laid back and drawn out experience. The pain really wasn't too bad at all.


Wow Claire that is pretty amazing. I will say that "hose beast" does describe some of the nurses that I have encountered as well. Great title for them.

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