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oh man, I can sympathize with the bra issue, same predicament, however I give up sometimes and wear my comfy NOT underwire bra......it may change the LOOK of my shirt, but dude, it saves me from being all pissy all day! Augh, I feel for ya! Your so funny regarding the ice cream! To cute. I remember you liked Vanilla cones with JB :-) have at it girl, your only going to be PG for a bit more! Eat some for me! :-) only put some magic shell on it for me! Remember those days as kids!!!!!!!

Mrs. Flinger

Well, since we just talked about this you KNOW I understand, even with my small (but not perky) B cups. No clue why, with all this technology, they can't make comfortable bras without wire. Hi! Did they not SEE mommy-dearest? Do Not Use Wire. Jeesh.


Love ice cream, unfortunately so do my thighs! The whole bra thing too. Ugh - hate underwire but the support is not there for the girls without it!

I wore the Wacoal nursing bras when I was pregnant with Ry and after until finally they got too small after I stopped nursing. They are really comfy (but also - $%0 a pop. I wore 2 for about 1.5 years and think I got my moneys worth when I resold them on ebay for $25. Only a little bit left, seems like just yesterday you told us!


aww im sorry about the bras hun! maybe you can go to all the maternity stores or look online and fuind them or something similar! hugs belly rubs!

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