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I don't know if this helps at all, but I wish I had bought Faith a Britax Marathon from the beginning, because it would have carried her from infancy all the way through something like 60 pounds.. thus saving the cost of multiple carseats - plus, it has one of the highest safety ratings (it used to have the highest one.. but I haven't checked lately). The only drawback is no carrier - but if you could use your old carrier, and add a Britax, it seems like you should be good to go!

I'm no help on decorating for a boy. I am so girly girl. If I have a boy - I don't know what I'll do. I have way too many unworn baby girl clothes. I guess they'll have to be the world's youngest transvestite.


This may not help at all- but I would start out with the blue on the top let that dry and then bring the green in on the bottom- but yo make it look like it goes together spike up the green lines like blades of grass. I would also go to walmart or some place like that and get stamps first Animals to go witht eh bedding then stars and moons to give you the feel and flavor you would like. Let me know what you deside on.

Mrs. Flinger

TOTALLY off topic but THANK GOD for RSS. I can add you now! :-) YEY!

Mrs. Flinger

I've heard really really good things abotu the Britax. At the time I thought it was jsut more expensive as our car seats (the ones we both have) are pretty great without being too much money. Now I wonder if the Britax doesn't pay for itself in the end, ya know? Hrm. Not much h elp but I wonder.... :-)

oma flinger

There is a store that allows you to put your fabric or item up to be scanned and it comes back with color picks for you and what the names are in the store to purchase. The you have all the options at your finger tips.

I saw it on TV one late night. Not completely paying attention, but I think it was Lowe's or Home Depoit.

The fun part for me is just looking around and seeing all the options.

BTW: I just adore your theme and color choice for the babies room.


I like both colors you talked about for his room. I like the set, its cute, seeing it in person, is diff than on here, becuase it is cuter in person! I thought blue, would really bring out the colors in it, but i know your a fan of green (me too)). You could find the green y our like and blue, buy samples and put each up on the wall. Look at it for a few days and then decide. That's what i've done a lot when I can't decide. The wallborder is a good idea, in the middle of the room. That's what shawna did with brit......and had purple paint on top, and pink on bottom. Very cute! Have fun, I LOVE painting!!


I see double strollers all the time at garage sales! You could buy one that way & see how it goes... then resell without being out big bucks if it's not a fit for your situation. My son is 28-mo & has all but given up the stroller. Sigh.

Not that you've asked, but I'm all over the Britaxes, as others have mentioned. I'm looking for a good price on a Marathon now, as they allow the child to remain in 5-pt harness til 65 lbs. I have the Britax Roundabout now, which I LOVE, but it only goes up to 40 lbs. Wish I'd gone for the Marathon initially!


Yes, you will definitely want a double stroller. We aren't even big walkers and we need one. Its easy to just strap the older kid in to keep them contained, trust me. We bought the stadium seating double by Jeep. It was a beast to push but fit any kind of infant seat. So it worked the first few months when Keaty wasn't holding up his head.
I recently purchased an In Step jogging stroller. I had to because the other one is so hard to push. We'd go to the mall and I'd cry because I couldn't maneuver it. The jogging is so much easier. Although Gavin does think he can stab his brother in the eye and pile stuff on top of him. But now that I am not constantly out of breath, I have the energy to yell at him.
As for the colors, i am more into really deep colors. So I would do a darker denim type blue and maybe the yellow of the giraffe? Although the colors you picked are cute. I definitely think molding would be cute, but yeah, a ton of work. Just do the border. I think it will turn out really cute.


I dont know what to tell you on the carseat situation..I think craigslist or ebay would be your best bet to find another base. Britax just seems so expensive to me. When you use a infant seat for a shorter time. Now for the double stroller- I think they are great. we dont use it as often now as we did when Easton was a baby. We bought the Evenflo Take me Too! Premier. It fit the carseat great, laid down in the back, and holds alot underneath. its easy to push too. Lighterweight. Only thing I didnt like is the cupholders stuck out on the side and were removeable..and we have lost them. It was easier to get through doors and such because it was front to back. I like the double joggers- but have never used one.not sure how they are for shopping.but if you go with that, make sure the wheel in front pivots :)


oops! I forgot to mention the bedding. I think its really cute and if you want to do two colors, the best way to separate them are with the border. Do a little above half way or what works with the window..) I like the dark red in it..but thats probably because I did Eastons old room with a tan on top-border- then a dark red on bottom. I loved it. I think the green and blue would look good, or the yellow like Rachael mentioned.


We did carseats out the wazoo with Matt; have had a Britax all the way through with Maddie. It is expensive, but I never cared for lugging around the carseat with a handle, and many of my friends like that feature.

I love blue and green, although the art historian in me would like to point out that red and green are complementary colors, so they'll bring out the best in each other...and green (like blue)is soothing, which is key for a nursery. I'm not, however, a fan of wallpaper borders.

In fact, I am not the best person to ask about decorating nurseries, as I like simplicity, and didn't spend much time in the nursery with either baby. So my own take would be to just pick one color you like and accent it. But that's just me, and you won't be seeing Maddie's nursery in a magazine anytime soon. I prefer decorating the room more enthusiastically when my child really notices. My son's 5th birthday present was the ability to choose his paint and comforter (from ones I bookmarked on-line).


I forgot to mention that I think it's a very cute crib set! The colors in there are very workable, so you have good options to work from, at the very least.


Thanks everyone! Wow, you ask and you shall receive! We still haven't made up our mind on the stroller/car seat situation, but we are leaning towards finding a second hand tandem stroller and just buying two new car seats for down the road.

As for the room. I am not going to go with the wall paper stuff. If you saw it I think you would understand. Although I am leaning towards top/bottom combo with either; blue/tan, blue/green, red/tan. I did find a darling star stencil that I am going to use at the base of the top color. My big find were some cute wood-cut animals that came in pairs. I gathered up a ton and I will be affixing these to the wall to help add to the Noah's Ark theme. I shall post more about it later... hopefully with a picture or two!

Thanks again!

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