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Aww girlfriend, I am so glad your ok after the fall. How scary. Hey, can I come have one of those cake like brownies !! LOL I'll be right there, yah in like hours after I walk from Seaside! :-) Luvs..


Oh my gosh!!! Traci! how about your knee? :(


OUCH! I am glad you are doing ok after the fall. Falling while pregnant is always scary. I fell down the stairs when I was pg with Easton..not good. all was fine though :) I hope you knee and hand arent too sore much longer. I am glad you found a few things on ebay :)you have plenty of time to start finishing up for this little guy :)Cant believe JB1's bday is this weekend!! wowey!

Oma Flinger

Ya know that gray hair thing? Well that and I keep holding my breath every time I'm reading one of your post. Zowie girl.

*Hugs* and give a kiss to that great big two year old too for me.

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