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I am sure everything will be fine. and you think its gone by fast I read you dayily and had no idea you had another PG blog. talk about fast one day you have an adorable little girl the next surpise your 8 months along.


if the doc thinks belly bean is growing good i wouldnt worry hun! big huggies! wow your already 32 weeks where the heck have i been omg :) hehe yay! well belly rubs!


Hey girlie!! You are in such good health with excerzize you do and the food you choose, he'll be fine I am sure. Same similar happend with my 2nd Pregnancy, and she turned out great. She was born at 37.5 weeks and weighed in at 7.7. So, I am glad she was early! EEK!. Love ya!

oma flinger

Yeah. So glad to hear all is going well. Our neighbor had complications and baby was born at 32 weeks. He was in NICU for two weeks, another two weeks in the hospital but all is good now. He is just so adorable and loves to be awake from mid-night to 5-6am.

Boy, do I hope you have a 7.5 lb baby and not 9. Yikes :bug:


Hey there Momma! Thanks so much for sharing this site with me! I read through the entire thing and loved discovering all the details about this awesome journey you've been traveling. =) No worries about small babies -remember your sweetheart was "really little" and he turned out completely normal (except for that fascination with fart jokes- ha ha!) Hang in there. You are a beautiful, wonderful lady! You look so great you really seem to be glowing these days! You are in my prayers.


I see I am a late reader on here... But my best friend went into pre-term labor at 32 weeks, and was in the hospital for 17 days before she had the baby. Her little girl weighed 7lb 3oz, at almost 35 weeks, and they told her that she was "too early". She came home with them after spending 3 days in the hospital, one of which was in the NICU. She is just perfect, in every way! Any longer and she would have been a 10 pounder by her actual due date, Sept 11th.. Good thing she was early!


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