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AWWWWWWW how cute!! Your little jumping bean is!!!! CUTE!!! It's only been 3 weeks since i've seen you and I can't beleive how much JB2 has grown!! You look great dear! You always do and did with JB1!! As for the "sleeping" part, I'd go with a Moses, or whatever it's called, a little bassinet for by your bed :-)


You are looking so cute! Aw, it makes me miss my baby belly SO much!
I was anti the co-sleeper cause of the expense too. But oh my gosh it is sooooo worth it! I bought mine off eBay for the same price as a pack and play. Mine is the full size but they also have a mini one that is great I hear too.
It hooks right to your bed so in the middle of the night you just scoop them up and there ya go. I tell you it makes life so much easier for us.
I say if you are planning to buy another pack and play invest a little extra and get the co-sleeper. When you are done using it as a co-sleeper you can use it as a playpen too.
We had a bassinet and a cradle with Gavin. He ended up just sleeping in his car seat though LOL.

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