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Yeah, you finally told all, so we can comment about "Him" LOL. I was a lucky recipient of the Jack Daniels!! LOVED it, what a great idea! Of course, the hubs was insistant that is what his name will be, I said, doubtfull :-). Anyway, I think you look wonderful! Just because I've known you for ever, I can tell your PG. Totally. you do NOT look at all like you've gained any weight, there is just a cute little bump, where there NORMALLY IS NOT on your belly :) LOVE it!! you look great girl! You always do, you are TO hard on yourself hun. Have a great day!! And again, SO GREAT seeing you this past weekend. Luvs! Pat your belly for me :-) Auntie Di :-)


Congrats on the baby boy!


YAY! Congratulations!!!

Magnolia Mom

Thank goodness! I've been waiting so patiently, but it was driving me nuts! :-) Yay! for a boy!!

Mrs. Flinger

WOW!!! Congrats y'all! HOw fun to have one of both. :-)

Mrs. Flinger

P.S. It was driving Magnolia Mom nuts.


Ok. I amuse myself

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