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Magnolia Mom

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you!! As for gender....hmmm....I'll say BOY! I'm dying to know!!

Mrs. Flinger

WOW! I think it's a girl. But i think that because then you can use all of JB's stuff. :-)

Congrats on the healthy bean! Hi Bean!


I was wondering when you were going to announce it LOL! Congratulations again.
As for the gender, I am saying girl. Just cause I think two girls would be fun. Probably because I will only ever have boys HA!
Can't wait til you reveal the sex.


Ok. I had a dream, MONTHS ago that someone was PG. As you know, I told you that last month, and teresa did to (have the dream) I again, had a "boy" dream. HOWEVER....I have this BIG feeling it's a girl. But, something is tuggin boy. I can't finger it. Last time this happend, is because YOU and shawna both had girls, AT THE SAME TIME (day), and then, Kerri was PG, witha boy!! so, who knows! Either way, HEALTHY is what I am going for! Love ya!!

Grandma "D"

I say there is a good 50% chance my new grandchild is a boy and another 50% chance,a girl! :) Pretty smart, huh?
Just be healthy, little one. And Mom too. You are such a precious family. I love you!


I will go with a Boy! As long as it's healty that's all that matters!


YAY CONGRATS HUN!! :) hehe my son is now 7 months old gosh it goes so fast and i have a 3yr old dont know if you member me :)
i bet its a boy!!! i think so! glad jb#2 is douing good

Nana & PaTa

Of course we know now, via snail mail and we wish you much CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Won't spill the beans here, (no pun intended), We just wish for a very happy and healthy baby!!!!!!!!! Luv


Whatever you have, I'm sure it will be a cute baby! Can't wait until you announce the sex!


I say it's a boy... :)


You're good.. I don't know how you can not post the sex! I would be dying to tell!!


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