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Mrs. Flinger

I know that phase of "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant!" but really, you FEEL just fat. Ugh. From the outside, though, you look fab. Really. Although, I know that gassy cut-in-the-middle feeling allll too well (and I'm not pregers!)

14.5 weeks. Second trimester kicks butt!


You are just chugging along!
Oh I so know that feeling! Where you just feel all grossly fat and not cute pregnant yet.
I reccommend getting the Belly Belt from Motherhood. It's 15 bucks and it extends your pants. I have been wearing mine my entire pregnancy. So I can still wear all my cute pre pregnancy jeans. I tell you I swear by this product, it rocks! I bought like 3 pair of maternity jeans and I never wear them because the belt rocks.
I can't believe you are in the second trimester. Time sure flies eh?

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