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June 05, 2009



Ohhh sis. I am so sorry your all going through this. I know Buddy was getting sick last week when we saw you. (By the way, I still have the picture in my head of him waving at me when we left. OMG adorable). you work your ass off. I cannot imagine what you put up with in the classroom, and being the parents. You ARE to be recognized. Being a PUBLIC "Servant" as they not easy. And i admire you for it.

You and the kids have really had a rough time this past year with the "Bugs". I can only pray they leave you alone now. Hope for a warm, dry summer......and lots of outdoor fun. Love you and see you soon. Hugs to all. And Miss Jb.........and her Trix yogurt. HOW CUTE! :-) Love ya!

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